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Whoku (A Collection of Doctor Who haiku)

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space


A grey haired old man

At times very crotchety

Susan’s grandfather


Is this man a fool?

Or is he a genius?

This cosmic hobo


A tall dapper chap

And a member of UNIT

As an adviser


A long woolen scarf

Jelly babies aplenty

He’s all teeth and curls


A cricketer’s garb

Celery on his lapel

And a heart of gold


With very loud clothes

He never goes unnoticed

Looks just like Maxil


Another clown or

A dark manipulator

More than what he seems


He rose from the dead

To save the world once again

From evil Master


Fresh from the Time War

With a strong Northern accent

He was fantastic


Full of energy

Is he the last of his race?

Or are there others


A very young face

He investigates a crack

Wearing cool bow tie


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