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The Quest begins ~ An Introduction

The Quest has begun.

I have been pondering how best to do these “Quest” posts. Should I do it episode by episode or story by story? I decided upon the later although to break that rule, I thought a post on the very first episode deserved its own post.

The stories for most of the William Hartnell era all had their own episode titles and, depending on which source you look at, the first few stories have different titles. As I will be journeying through the DVD and CD (where the story is unavailable on DVD) releases and I will use the title used on the product. Therefore, the second story will be “The Daleks” and not “The Mutants”. I will occasionally do a 20/20 hindsight comment from time to time where the story suggests something that is contradicted in later years. If I miss one, please feel free to add a comment with your 20/20 hindsight thoughts.

As Doctor Who is a program about time travel, some stories will be reviewed more than once. The idea of the quest is to view Doctor Who as a single story narrative but as the adventures can exist separately from the narrative (hence the contradictions), they can also be reviewed separately. These reviews are where comments about extras and suchlike will be found. The Quest is all about the story.

Now let us begin…


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