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Tom Baker joins Big Finish

Exciting news coming from Big Finish. Tom Baker will once again be the Doctor. Click here for more details. It looks as if they will be available in 2012. Keep an eye out here for pre-order details over the coming months as Big Finish often have good pre-order offers. (Honest, I have no affiliation with Big Finish but at present I have several items pre-ordered and can’t wait for them to come out). Now where did I leave my scarf?


2 Responses

  1. Great/ expensive news! I have read on the B.F. website than Leela/ Romana (I) are the companions. (No Lalla Dawkins?)
    I wonder BBC books will sign up T.B. for more work?

  2. I looked on the Big Finish site, but I am still not certain what it is. What is it?

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