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The Edge Of Destruction

Inside the spaceship

Frayed tempers lead crew to the

Edge of destruction

This two-part story was an add-on to bring the series to 13 episodes and would have been the very last episode had the decision been made to stop making the show. It is really quite strange. It is set entirely on the TARDIS and features only the main characters (although the TARDIS itself could be said to be a character in this story). Unusually for a two-part story, it also had two directors Richard Martin and Frank Cox who directed one episode each.

This is quite a brave story to do at this time . There are moments where the crew behave out of character which gives a very different feel if you had only seen the previous two stories. There is a claustrophobic feel to the story, despite it being set in the massive confines of the TARDIS. There are tensions between the characters and to see Susan using a pair of scissors as a potential weapon is still shocking.

All in all, it is an odd episode with strange contradictions (i.e. the claustrophobic atmosphere of the TARDIS, the behaviour of the crew) which are used to great effect. One of the oddest things about this episode is the rainbow bandage that the Doctor has applied after a head wound. The colours change as the wound heals but as this is a black and white episode, this effect is lost and the medical device is never seen again.

This post will be shorter than usual, partly because the story is only a 2 parter but mostly due to the lack of plot. I don’t want to delve into the incidents within the story in case you haven’t seen it and don’t want the story spoilt for you.

I shall conclude by saying “Thank you for reading and please join me as I continue my quest as I travel to Cathay in the company of Marco Polo”.

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