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Special Guest Post ~ First Experience

I am deeply indebted to Jenny for sharing her memories of watching the very first episode of Doctor Who and for creating some amazing accompanying pictures. Jenny is also a brilliant poet and if you wish to see more of her wonderful work;

click here for her haiga,

click here for gogyokha and

click here for more wonderful poetry

Click here for amazing artwork (click here for a Doctor Who related pic)

Click here for stunning photos

If you wish to follow her on twitter, you should follow @gennepher


23 Responses

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  2. Just brilliant Brilliant I feel like applauding like i have just finished watching a mini theatre play Isn’t she Just the best dear gen your art work your off beat eye to life is just amazing beautiful as I also am off beat to the eye of life & relate so much to how you express yourself & what is happening around you.. hugz & big hugz to you dear simon for posting this FaB! love me beez buzz;00

  3. Ah, this is delightful! The story, the illustrations…beautiful work!

    Simon, thank you for posting, and Jenny, thank you for sharing your story!!!


  4. I LOVE this, such a fantastic written effect in memory, and the illustrations are WONDERFUL! Jenny is an awesome inspiration and so very talented with both her words and art, this made for such a unique guest post!!

  5. wonderful! *hugs* to you both ♥

  6. That was lovely to be able to read that Simon and the illustrations are wonderful it was lovely to be able to see Jennys lovely work i enjoyed reading your great new post. I hope all is going well there for you there 🙂

    • Thank you. This is an awesome post by Jenny, it is so wonderful in both images and words. I hope you are well

      • Thank you was a great new post im off for CT scan tomorrow am getting a little scared but im sure it will be fine. Hope all is going well for you there x

  7. Very excellent work, Jenny. Thankyou for sharing this with us, Simon. _/|\_

  8. Thank you to Simon for iniviting me to do this guest post…I am honoured to have been asked.
    Thank you also to the lovely people have left their kind comments on my words and illustrations.
    Thank you again Simon.

  9. Wow. This is amazing.

    The art is amazing, too. I LOVE the Dr. Who pegdoll. That is over the top cute!

    Thanks for sharing, Simon.

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  11. Wonderful post! I just recently watched that first episode with my 9 yr old, Little Buddha. We were riveted to the screen! Yes, we are both big fans. I watched Doctor Who in the 8os but i didn’t really know other people who had even heard of it.

  12. I loved Jenny’s account of the wonder she felt the first time she met the Doctor. My own experience was very different, for I was out of college, on the other side of the world and it was 1982. I must admit though, I was no less enthralled.

    I was accompanying my grandmother on her journey back to the Old Country–Oklahoma. It had been 45 years since she had last seen her home. Now Broken Bow, Oklahoma is about as in the middle of nowhere as you can get. No train, airline or even bus goes there. We had to fly to Fort Smith, Arkansas, rent a car and drive the 126 miles to Broken Bow.

    It was my first trip east of the Rockies. I always thought you would fall off the edge of the world if you crossed the Continental Divide. I was still a bit in shock to find out that Back East wasn’t all asphalt like I had imagined. We got into Fort Smith and went to collect our luggage and found it had taken another flight. So we had to spend the night in a hotel and wait for our bags to catch up with us.

    Bored I turned on the television and started channel surfing. Everybody on TV was talking in those hokey Southern accents. (Okay, so people in New York would consider my Western accent hokey, but we won’t go into that.) Then I ran across this show where they weren’t talking in a thick drawl, but in English accents. I have no idea what was going on, except there was this weird guy with fuzzy hair.

    Now, he wasn’t weird in a “don’t make eye-contact and back away” sort of way. Just a sort of eccentric and amusing kind of weird. Not only was the weird guy not the villain, he was the hero! I instantly felt a connection. All my life I had been told I was weird, and here was the King of the Misfits.

    Even though I only saw the last ten minutes of one episode, I remember it was “Genesis of the Daleks”. I thought that was the last I would ever see of Tom Baker, but a couple of months later he appeared on the local PBS station out of Portland, Oregon. I watched it every night. The special effects were dorky, the plots sometimes silly, but not even those obstacles could stop the Doctor.

    It was as they finished up the Fourth Doctor series, and were starting the Fifth, that I had to move back to the Scablands of eastern Washington State. At that time, every PBS station in America was showing Doctor Who, except for three. Two of those were the only ones available locally. Talk about withdrawals!

    Then the Doctor met the one foe even regenerating can’t save him from–television executives. He was cancelled. There’s a glimmer of hope in the 90s with a movie, but no hoped for series comes from that.

    Then in 2005 Sci-Fi network advertises a new show, “Doctor Who.” Some hoodlum in a leather jacket. That’s not the Doctor. How dare they rip off his name with some macho jerk.

    It’s when Chris Eccleston says “Run” and gives Rose that inane grin, that I grin. “Oh yeah!” I tell my husband. “That’s the Doctor! He’s back!”

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