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The Aztecs

Trapped in Mexico

Barbara proclaimed a God

Doctor gets engaged

The Aztecs is the second historical story and once again it was written by John Lucaroti. Barbara is the focus of attention in this adventure as she is believed to be the reincarnation of an Aztec priest and declared a God. Fortunately, the Aztec culture is a subject that Barbara knows very well and she tries to use her new-found influence to try to put an end to the tradition of human sacrifice.

This story brings up a question that is often brought up in historical stories…can history be rewritten. Here the Doctor answers a resounding NO. But that doesn’t stop Barbara from trying.

But the strangest thing about this story is the villain. Tlotoxl  (the High Priest of Sacrifice) does not believe Barbara to be a God and tries to prove that she is not. He, of course, is perfectly correct in his assumptions but in the context of this story, he is the enemy. He also plans to get the better of her friends by fair means or foul and Susan barely escapes a death sentence by the intervention of Barbara who says that Susan was ignorant of Aztec law which leads to Susan being sent to Aztec school.

Each of the main characters have something to do, Barbara is busy being a God and trying to change Aztec philosophy. Ian is busy getting into fights (and isn’t helped when the Doctor inadvertently aids his opponent before realising who the fight was with). The Doctor is busy trying to find a way back into the tomb (easy to leave, not so easy to return to) and while doing so, manages to get himself engaged by making a mug of cocoa and Susan (as already noted) is busy learning about the Aztec culture.

Despite the Doctor stating that history cannot be changed, Barbara at least does manage to convince Autloc (the High Priest of Knowledge) that sacrifice is not a necessity.

History may not be rewritten, but it can be influenced…

  1. The Temple Of Evil
  2. The Warriors Of Death
  3. The Bride Of Sacrifice
  4. The Day Of Darkness

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  1. […] the Doctor and Susan had with Henry VIII. Barbara says she is over the events experienced with the Aztecs which is odd as this adventure seems to start immediately after that story. And it is Barbara who […]

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