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The Post where YOU get involved…

Ok, I hope you’ve visited before. If not, please feel free to have a look around. Ah, you’re back, thank you, but now I would like YOU to get involved.

What would I like you to do?

I’m glad you asked. Simply add a comment about a Doctor Who memory (just to make it a bit more challenging…no Daleks or Cybermen).

I will give you a moment from when I first remember a Doctor Who monster giving me nightmares. The story was City of Death and the monster was Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth. Every time I watch this story, I can recall the feeling of horror I felt upon seeing the one-eyed green spaghetti headed monster, especially the cliffhanger at the end of part one when the human form that strongly resembled Julian Glover removes his face to reveal a one-eyed monster.

The story involved fractures in time and if you are familiar with Douglas Adams’ novel “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” you may see some similarities in the conclusion of the story. And if you know your unmade Doctor Who, you will see a strong influence in the Dirk Gently story from”Shada” but I digress.

The story itself is wonderful with location filming done in Paris and a great cast on top form. If you are wondering why I have made so many references to Douglas Adams here, he happened to have been the script editor for this story (and also, with producer Graham Williams, the writer of the story too). They were working quickly and tirelessly on a script by David Fisher that didn’t meet with their approval.

Now, let me read your story (even if you only have vague memories, please feel free to contribute, if you can’t remember the story myself or other readers may be able to fill in the blanks but don’t worry about that).


One Response

  1. My first clear memory of “Who” is of watching “The Talons of Wien Chiang” while trying to play with a mexican jumping bean. The jumping bean was a plastic capsule with a ball-bearing inside & when I tilted a tea tray the capsule would flip over. I soon got bored of bean & watched the rather disturbing ventriloquist’s dummy Mr Sin. My parents were big fans of “The Classic Serial” & I was a bit worried “Who” was going to turn into a pompous historical drama – but I was hooked, the story remains a favourite of mine today.
    But I can also remember the lumbering Mummies of “The Pyramids of Mars”, the eerie intro to “Genesis of the Daleks” & vaguely being besotted with Sarah-Jane Smith. Unfortunately, my devouring of the “Target” book range mean I’m not sure if the familiar feeling I get from watching the Pertwee/Baker era stories on DVD are recollections of my life in short trousers or of later readings.

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