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The Sensorites

They all look alike

But which ones can be trusted

On Sensorite world*

*yes, I know it’s called the Sense-sphere but it didn’t have enough syllables

This story starts with the crew reminiscing about their previous adventures, including an unseen adventure that the Doctor and Susan had with Henry VIII. Barbara says she is over the events experienced with the Aztecs which is odd as this adventure seems to start immediately after that story. And it is Barbara who comes up with the solution of the puzzle of how the TARDIS can still be moving despite the fact that it has landed. (They have landed inside a spaceship).

The Sensorites is a story that I am experiencing on audio as it has not been released on DVD yet (as of June 2011). The narrator for this story is William Russell who played Ian Chesterton.

The method of keeping the travellers here for the course of the adventure is the removal of the locking device of the TARDIS (although opening mechanism would be a better description) by the Sensorites.

The Sensorites are a telepathic race who use dishes that act as transmitters and receivers that they put to their head for making a mind-to-mind call. This story reveals that Susan is a stronger telepath than the Doctor.

As a Species, the Sensorites are identical with the only way to differentiate is by badges of office. Apparently, no Sensorites have taken advantage of the various opportunities for japes and high jinks. When the villainous Sensorite of the piece is told that it is difficult to tell them apart by a human (a member of the spaceship where the TARDIS landed) he then uses this to his advantage.

Barbara is stranded on the spaceship while the rest of the crew (TARDIS and spaceship) are taken down to the Sense-sphere, thus allowing actress Jacqueline Hill to have a week’s holiday [a common occurrence in those days, if you ever watch/listen to these stories, keep an eye out for the missing regular].

The Sensorites have also been a victim of some kind of plague but things take a turn for the worse when Ian falls victim to it. The Sensorites haven’t managed to find a cure but the Doctor manages to figure out that the cause is due to poison in the water. The poison has been put in the water supply by some humans who were stranded on the planet and consider themselves “at war” with the Sensorites. There is a valuable mineral found on the Sense-sphere and the humans greed for it has led them to poison the Sensorite water supply.

This story is not very highly thought of but it is the first story to have the hallmarks of a classic Doctor Who story. The Doctor as mediator and assists in finding the solution to the problems and the Sensorites are  shown to be a race with flawed people in it rather than an evil one. The humans have caused more damage than the Sensorites have through greed.

As the spaceship leaves an heads back to earth, Ian comments that at least they know where they are going which promts the Doctor to threaten to kick them off the ship at their next stop, wherever that would be…

  1. Strangers In Space
  2. The Unwilling Warriors
  3. Hidden Danger
  4. A Race Against Death
  5. Kindnap
  6. A Desperate Venture

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