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The Dalek Invasion Of Earth

The Daleks on Earth?
a terrifying prospect
and Susan’s farewell

The second story of the second season has two notable aspects to it. Both firsts but by no means the last; a returning alien and a departing companion.

The Daleks looked so impressive on screen that their return was inevitable but it also saw the departure of the Doctor’s grand-daughter, Susan.

It is a shame that her character wasn’t allowed to develop but these were the days when character arcs were few and far between with no plans to release a box set to view all the episodes. The characters would develop over the course of a story but they were almost back to how they were for the next story.

Susan’s departure in this story is unusual as it is the Doctor who shuts her out of the TARDIS which takes her decision about whether to stay on earth with David Campbell (with whom she has fallen in love with during the course of the story) or continue travelling with her grandfather in the TARDIS out of her hands. His farewell speech to Susan happens to be the scene that starts the 20th anniversary story, The Five Doctors (unfortunately this was William Hartnell’s only contribution to the story as he had been deceased 8 years).

The Dalek Invasion of Earth  has a very odd premise of the Daleks wanting to blast into the earth’s core but this story is more memorable for some of the images contained in the story. The cliffhanger at the end of episode 1 sees a Dalek emerging from the River Thames (best not to think what the Dalek was doing there in the first place) and there are scenes of the Daleks giving Nazi salutes at various famous London tourist attractions.

This story (along with the first Dalek story) was adapted into a feature film. The robomen in the film looked more ferocious but I kind of like the robomen in this story. They are very much zombies and it was a sad moment when a supporting character encounters his brother in law (now a roboman) and tries to reason with him before being killed.

It would have been interesting to see how the population of Earth would have responded after the Dalek invasion force was defeated. The Daleks were back and were even better.

Note: The Daleks in this episode had radar type dishes attached to their backs. This was explained as to how they were able to move free without the static electricity that they relied upon in the first story.


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