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The Rescue ~ caution, spoilers…

Landing on Dido
Where the strange Koquillion
Frightens young Vicki

The Rescue is a two-part story that is used to introduce Vicki, a girl from the future and replacement crew member for the recently departed Susan. The Doctor takes a grandfatherly approach to her almost immediately. This is an odd story as there are few characters (one/two/one who is not as he/they/he seems). It is unusual in that it’s set on an alien planet yet the inhabitants are only seen towards the end of the story. The story is also claustrophobic with a large part of the action taking place inside the crashed spaceship. The only survivors are Vicki and the immobile Bennett who are being kept in a state of fear by Koquillion, a fearsome looking Didonian. I had seen pictures from this story of Koquillion and he looks like a fearsome insectoid type creature and so it came as a surprise that it was merely a ceremonial outfit.

This story was written by David Whitaker who had been the script editor since the first episode. His last story in this role was the previous story, the Dalek Invasion of Earth, the next story was written by his successor as script editor, Dennis Spooner.

  1. The Powerful enemy
  2. Desperate Measures

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