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Davros Day

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know about Big Finish’s Davros Day that takes place on 28th January 2012. Davros makes his return in the Colin Baker story, The Curse Of Davros, and are celebrating by selling his previous stories for £5 each. Davros has appeared with Colin Baker twice before; Davros and Juggernauts.  Davros has also starred in a story featuring Paul McGann, Terror Firma which was one of the very first Big Finish audio plays I bought. Davros has also appeared in the Unbound series (a kind of what if series featuring different actors as the Doctor). In Masters Of War he stars alongside alternate third Doctor, David Warner, and his companion, a retired army man by the name of Lethbridge-Stewart (played by the late great Nicholas Courtney). There is also a four part serial that goes back to Davros’ origins, I, Davros

Now that I’ve told you all this, please excuse me as I go and complete my Davros collection.

Note: Davros first appeared in the tv story, Genesis of the Daleks magnificently played by Michael Wisher. The next story to feature the creator of the Daleks was Destiny of the Daleks, this time with David Gooderson wearing the mask. This was also the last Dalek story to be written by Terry Nation (the creator of the Daleks, the writer rather than the scientist). The final three Dalek stories in classic series Doctor Who all feature Davros. In all three stories, he is played by Terry Molloy who plays him in the audio dramas. The stories feature Doctors 5, Resurrection of the Daleks, 6, Revelation of the Daleks and 7, Remembrance of the Daleks.


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