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The Time Meddler

It’s 1066

Yet there is a gramophone

And a Meddling Monk

[Caution, contains spoilers]

Barbara and Ian have left and it’s just the Doctor and Vicki in the TARDIS…or is it?

Having escaped Mechanus after defeating the Daleks, Vicki and the Doctor have said their farewells and waved goodbye to Ian and Barbara so who wandering about the TARDIS.

This historical story is a sign of things to come with the historical stories. The first episode finds a dishevelled Steven Taylor hiding in the TARDIS. After he has been tidied up, the Doctor and companions leave and look about. The Doctor guesses at the era and guesses on 11th century Earth. Steven doesn’t believe him, even after the Doctor finds a horned Viking helmet (“What do you think it is? a space helmet for a cow?”).

The Doctor decides to take a leisurely route up the cliff from the beach where the TARDIS has landed and is separated from Vicki and Steven. Steven is still doubtful, especially when he finds a wristwatch that does not belong in the time period and the viewers will also find this odd and disorienting. This story is most unlike anything that has gone before. Has the Doctor got it wrong?

The end of episode three reveals the truth not only about the Monk but about the Doctor, the Monk has a TARDIS. This is the first time that the Doctor has met one of his own kind (other than Susan of course). The Monk is also an interesting character as he isn’t evil and out for destruction but can be best described as a rascal, wanting to change aspects of history.

Again, this shows the inherent weakness for historical stories in that our (the viewer) history cannot be altered but when the story is written as well as this one, I found that this element doesn’t detract from the overall story.

This story also brings season two to a conclusion and as the titles roll at the end of the final episode, the Doctor, Vicki and Steven appear gazing at the stars.

Doctor Who was changing…


  1. The Watcher
  2. The Meddling Monk
  3. A Battle Of Wits
  4. Checkmate



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