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Doctor Who is back

It’s been a while since I have updated this site but I hope I won’t be so long in between posts. This post will be my thoughts on the first episode that was shown on Saturday 19th September 2015. If you haven’t seen it yet, I must warn you that this post will contain spoilers. In fact, I’m waffling here deliberately so that if you encounter this post and it has the opening few sentences or paragraph, I can let you know of the spoilers ahead well before you may accidentally encounter them.

So anyway, the first episode was called “The Magician’s Apprentice”. I enjoyed the episode but I felt it had more of an end of series feel to it, especially after what happened with Clara, Missy and the TARDIS. As a finale, that could be comparable with Sherlock’s dive and needs more time to allow the shock of what we have seen sink in. I imagine there will be all kinds of guesses for what happens.

There were a lot of details within the episode that harked back to the past years of Doctor Who. The relationship between the Capaldi and Gomez reminds me of the dynamic between Pertwee and Delgado. It is not too difficult to believe that they may once have been close and I think that in both cases, it’s the performance of  Delgado and Gomez that especially highlights this (looking back at Pertwee’s line at the end of The Master’s first story about how he is quite looking forward to matching wits against The Master makes you wonder about The Doctor’s sanity and common sense). Gomez’s Master/Missy also shares Delgado’s Master’s love of children’s programs with her coming through the square window line (referenced from a children’s show called “Play School”). Delgado’s Master was seen enjoying an episode of “The Clangers” during his confinement in the story “The Sea Devils”.

In classic series Doctor Who, a Dalek or Cyberman story was often a great excuse to insert a snippet from an earlier story featuring an earlier Doctor and that was the case once again with a line from Davros’s first story that was especially pertinent. The story ended in familiar territory too with the Doctor holding a gun at Davros that was reminiscent to the scene when the 5th Doctor holds a gun on Davros.

Another thing I noticed was Missy’s ring that reminded me of the ring worn by the first Doctor.

We also find ourselves on Skaro again. The Doctor has visited Skaro on surprisingly few occasions and oddly enough, Tom Baker, who was Who for the most amount of stories, only faced the Daleks twice both stories taking place on Skaro (and also these were the only stories with Davros on Skaro too). It was nice to see the different types of Dalek (something hinted at in Asylum of the Daleks but some had a “blink and you’d miss it” appearance).

I shall be looking forward to next weeks episode and hope that the resolution isn’t too much of a disappointment.

What did you think of the episode?


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