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Happy 49th Anniversary

Today (23rd November 2012) is the 49th anniversary of Doctor Who and so to celebrate I thought I’d repost a guest post featuring amazing artwork and memories from when the very first episode was aired. Click here to read this wonderful post.

If you want to join me on my quest to watch Doctor Who from the beginning, then click here to see my journey beginning.

Over the weekend I am going to enjoy the very first episode once more and listen to the 49th story of the classic series, The Space Pirates written by Robert Holmes. Sadly this is another of the stories missing from the archive.

I will also watch the 49th story of the new series, Victory of the Daleks written by Mark Gatiss (who I think would be a brilliant Master if the powers that be wished to bring him back as a nemesis of the Doctor rather than the insane Master previously seen.

Happy anniversary Doctor Who and to quote the Brig, “Splendid chap, all of them.”


Special Guest Post ~ First Experience

I am deeply indebted to Jenny for sharing her memories of watching the very first episode of Doctor Who and for creating some amazing accompanying pictures. Jenny is also a brilliant poet and if you wish to see more of her wonderful work;

click here for her haiga,

click here for gogyokha and

click here for more wonderful poetry

Click here for amazing artwork (click here for a Doctor Who related pic)

Click here for stunning photos

If you wish to follow her on twitter, you should follow @gennepher