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Gallifrey IV out now

Gallifrey IV

This spinoff series (see here for more on Big Finish and Gallifrey) features Lalla Ward as Romana, Louise Jameson as Leela and John Leeson as K-9.

If you have not heard the first three series of Gallifrey, do not fear. Although this story continues when the last series finished off, rather than being a sequel, it is almost a fresh start. I shall not go into too much detail but these stories are more self-contained than the previous series. If you now your Gallifreyan history, you may recognise certain aspects from the stories (but if you don’t, you will still enjoy them and the final disc of the set is a “behind the scenes” one which will fill in some of the gaps).

If you have listened to the previous series, the very first scene will give you a feeling of puzzlement before making you laugh. If you haven’t heard the first three series, listen to this scene again once you have listened to the rest of the series. There are also some familiar names (and voices) involved in this series including Mary Tamm, Katy Manning and Carole Ann Ford.

A real treat and hopefully the wait for season V won’t be as long.

The cover art on the box is beautiful too.