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Remembering Susan

First companion,

And one of the family

Doctor’s Granddaughter

In a previous post (Dalek Invasion of Earth), the series did something for the very first time. A main character left. In this case it was Susan who became the first of a long line of ex-companions and so I thought I’d do the first of what will be a series of posts about the Doctor’s companions ~ those regular (and irregular) folk who accompany the Doctor and are often the viewer’s access point to the series. They ask the questions that we would ask and get captured/injured on a regular basis.

Lets have a look back at these companions and I hope that YOU will contribute to this post by sharing your memories and opinions about YOUR favourite companions (or feel free to have a rant about your least favourite companions). I will post after I reach a story

Susan Foreman: The Doctor’s grand daughter and only known (or mentioned) relative in the clasic series. She has been travelling with the Doctor before the series started but it hasn’t been revealed (on tv) how she came to be travelling with the Doctor. She is teeneage in appearance (which is not a clear indicator as to her true age as the Doctor’s various regenerations have shown) but it is believed that she is a teenager. She leaves the Doctor when the Doctor locks her out of the TARDIS after she is struggling to decide whether to stay with David or continue her travels.

The character of Susan was, at times, inconsistent. She is enigmatic and wise at times (especially in her debut story, An Unearthly Child) but at other times she is a screaming one dimensional character in need of rescuing. This can be a common problem for companions. They need to be interesting characters but they can’t develop too much or they may out evolve their usefulness to ask questions.

Carole Ann Ford reprised the role of Susan for the 20th anniversary story, The Five Doctors. A story that saw her character trip and fall, injuring her ankle. This kind of harked back to her farewell story when she fell and injured her ankle. She has also contributed to some Big Finish audio stories. The Companion Chronicles, a Doctor Who special (given away if you subscribe in the month of December) called “An Earthly Child” a sequel of sorts featuring Doctor 8 (Paul McGann) and the Earthly Child of the title is Susan’s son played by Paul’s real life son, Jake. Susan has also appeared in the Lost Stories which were stories written for tv but were never made, the stories featuring Doctors no longer with us are performed in a similar way to the Companion Chronicles (in this case with Carole Ann Ford and William Russell on narration duty).

What are your thoughts? What is your favourite Susan story?