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8th Doctor Sale at Big Finish

Doctor for a night

His adventures continue

With Lucie Miller

Paul McGann was the Doctor for just one night on television but thanks to Big Finish, he has had a chance to be the Doctor and continue with new adventures.

Starting on Monday 20th February, Big Finish will have  the four series of Paul McGann Doctor Who stories with his companion Lucie Miller on sale over four days. Series one on Monday, series two on Tuesday etc. click here for more details.

These stories have a feel of the new series in style and format (the stories are approximately 60 minutes and Lucie Miller (played marvellously by Sheridan Smith) would feel right at home in the TARDIS with any of the new Doctors.

If you still aren’t convinced, then you can download part one of Blood of the Daleks to hear for yourself or get them as a treat for that special Doctor Who fan.

A podcast with more information can be found here.

If you are already a fan, I’d love to hear your views about these stories.


When 108 became 106

The number 108 has a particular resonance with Doctor Who fans. For many years this number represented the number of missing episodes from the Doctor Who archive. The missing stories, dating from the 1960s, are from the black and white era of Doctor Who when episodes were routinely wiped so that the videotape could be reused in an effort to save on the costs. For more about the missing episodes, I heartily recommend the book Wiped by Richard Molesworth.

That number is now 106 with the discovery of two missing episodes. One of the episodes is from the William Hartnell story, Galaxy Four and the other features Patrick Troughton in The Underwater Menace.

Galaxy Four sees William Hartnell’s Doctor accompanied by Maureen O’Brien as Vicki and Peter Purves as Steven Taylor and also features the infamous Chumblies. Some extracts from episode one are on the Lost In Time DVD but the episode that was found is episode three.

The Underwater Menace sees Patrick Troughton’s Doctor accompanied by  Anneke Wills as Polly and Michael Craze as Ben and by new crew member, Jamie McCrimmon. The episode found pre-dates  Episode 3 (also on the Lost In Time DVD), as it is episode 2 of this 4 part serial and in being so is now the earliest episode to feature Patrick Troughton with all episodes from his first two stories, The Power Of The Daleks and The Highlanders missing.

This is the first discovery since episode 2 of the Daleks Master Plan was returned in 2004.

For more information about the discovery, please listen to this special edition of the Doctor Who podcast here.

It will be interesting to see what they will look like after the amazing restoration team get to work on them but if you want to have a sneak peak, click here.

This discovery gives Doctor Who fans hope that somewhere, there may be more treasures to be found and that magic number will keep on decreasing.

If you think you may have information about missing episodes, please contact missingepisodes@drwho-online.co.uk or click here

Doctor Who Podcast ~ Big Finish Special

Those splendid fellows over at the Doctor Who Podcast have produced a Big Finish special.

They talk about its history and there is a very interesting interview with Line Producer, David Richardson (if you don’t know what a line producer does, then listen as all will be revealed).

The podcast concludes with  Tom, James and Trevor telling us of their favourite (and not so favourite) stories.

Listen here and please check out my own Big Finish Guide here.


Clash of the Podcasts

Ever wondered what would happen if 2/3 of the Doctor Who Podcast faced 1/2 of the Oodcast in a quiz chaired by Clayton Hickman?

Then wonder no more.  This clash of the podcasts took place at the recent “Gallifrey” convention in Los Angeles.

To find out who emerged victorious by clicking here

A splendid podcast

Those splendid fellows at the Doctor Who Podcast have posted a special podcast about the sadly departed Nicholas Courtney. It is worth a listen as they reminisce about their favourite adventures featuring the Brig. Click here to listen.

Podcast Alert

A new podcast from the Doctor Who Podcast  is now available and a very interesting one it is too. James is on his own but he is in conversation with Clayton Hickman (a former long serving editor of Doctor Who magazine who was there when Doctor Who returned to our screens plus he has had a number of other Doctor Who related jobs). You can listen to the interview by clicking here. Enjoy.