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Season Two Recap

Season two has brought

The return of the Daleks

And a few farewells

Season Two Recap

My quest took a little side step at the start of this season but let’s have a recap anyway;

The Stories:

Planet of Giants (coming August 2012 to DVD)

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Rescue

The Romans

The Web Planet

The Crusade

The Space Museum

The Chase

The Time Meddler

39 weeks in length


William Hartnell

Carole Ann Ford

Jacqueline Hill

William Russell

Maureen O’Brien

Peter Purves

Season two may be 3 weeks shorter than season one but a 39 week schedule is still very tiring and season two saw a number of changes.

First of all was a returning monster; the Daleks making not one but two reappearences (and that’s not including the Dalek exhibit seen in the Space Museum).

Another change in this season happened to coincide with the return of the angry pepper pots, the departure of one, or more, of the TARDIS crew. Susan was the first to leave; because of love (although it was the Doctor who locked Susan out of the TARDIS). Susan was replaced in the subsequent story, The Rescue, which saw Vicki join the crew.

Vicki’s first story as a crew member saw her visiting the past, which is also where, as you may remember,  Ian and Barbara went on their first trip in the TARDIS.

The next story was an experimental story that just about worked but has to be celebrated purely for the attempt made to create a world populated by giant insects. Then it was another trip to the past followed by a story that didn’t live up to the potential of the first episode and then the return of the Daleks.

It may be interesting to note that the Daleks are the ONLY returning monsters/characters this year.  Their second appearance of the season saw them looking to hunt down the Doctor and chased him through time using technology that would later be used to return Ian and Barbara to 1960’s Earth. This time, when two left, only one joined, space pilot Steven Taylor.

Once again the new crew member’s first adventure as a crew member was into the past but this time it was a very different style of historical adventure, not only was it the finale of the second season but was the sign of a new direction for Doctor Who as it changed from an Adventure Serial that dipped its toes in sci-fi into a more overtly Science Fiction serial.

Unfortunately, it is also the beginning of the large quantity for missing episodes. So far, only 3 stories have been missing from the first two season but over the next three seasons, only four stories exist in their entirety.

And so, as we journey into season 3, we should pause and thank those viewers who recorded the episodes off air onto audio tape and thank the audio technicians, especially Mark Ayres for the restoration work done so that we may enjoy these lost episodes.

Onto Season 3…